Three Articles Focusing on Why Millennials Are Leaving the Church

A lot has been written in the past week about why the generation of millennials are leaving the church and what needs to happen to reverse that trend. Here are 3 articles that speak into this topic:

Rachel’s article appeared on CNN’s Belief Blog last week and drew lots of attention and reactions. You can learn more about Rachel via her website (I think you’ll enjoy reading her blog, books, and following her on Twitter).

Brett’s article was written to respond to and counter some of what Rachel shared. It appeared on The Washington Post website. You can learn more about Brett here.

Jonthan’s article is a clever piece written to show how the first two are both wrong (sort of ). I think you’ll enjoy it too. You can find out more about Jonathan and his work here.

Related article from a friend: here is one more article written a few months ago from a millennial who is a member at the church I work for (she shares why she still believes in the church): Here’s the Thing About Church by Sarah Brooks.

Your turn… What are some resources you’ve seen on this topic and what are your thoughts about these 3?



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6 responses to “Three Articles Focusing on Why Millennials Are Leaving the Church

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  2. The Rachel Held Evans article particularly resonates with me for a few reasons. I read it when it was first posted and found it to be profound. Recently re-read it this morning and still feel it identifying with how I feel. I’m the very definition of a Christian millennial.
    Here’s where the irony makes its first appearance…
    Evans’ article seems to be drumming up a lot of controversy. For the life of me, I can’t see why. Her statements seem completely logical, heart-felt, and filled with as much humility as possible. Then it hit me: THE BULK OF THOSE RANTING ABOUT HOW SHE’S MISSED THE BOAT ARE THOSE THAT AREN’T IN THE MILLENNIAL PARADIGM.
    Perhaps this is part of the issue we’re over-looking. The concept of judging one’s personal experiences and findings is a business we need to grow out of. The concept of finding stronger unity within the generations and providing more positive ways for the more experienced church-goers to mentor the likes of me is what we desperately need.
    What I am grateful for: The church realizing this is a conversation that needs to be had.
    Just my personal inclinations from my vantage point.

    • Mitchell, I agree. It resonates with me and I’m not certain why it came across as controversial. I also liked the 2 other articles I mentioned in my post on Friday (brings some balance to the discussion). David Fraze has pointed me to the Sticky Faith resources by Kara Powell and others at Fuller… This is something our Student Ministry has been working on for some time now… We hope to engage across the ministry silos / generations for further discussion & action soon.

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