Three Resources that Focus On Organizational Health

The following three groups have resources designed to help make organizations better. Spend a few moments exploring each of their websites and I believe you’ll find some tools you can benefit from (businesses, individuals, families, churches):

The Table Group is a firm dedicated to helping organizations, and the people who work within them, become healthier and more effective. We provide consulting and speaking services, as well as a host of products and tools to leaders who want to improve teamwork, clarity and morale within their companies.

Erich’s note: Patrick Lencioni has written several very helpful books (Five Dysfunctions of a Team; Death by Meeting; Silos, Politics and Turf Wars to name a few). His most recent book, The Advantage, would be a great place to start since it reaffirms many of the themes from his previous books (I recommend the enhanced edition available on iBooks). Also, his book The Three Big Questions for a Frantic Family provides some simple tools to help families reduce stress and increase vitality (I highly recommend it / I may dedicate another post to it later). I’m sure you will want to spend more than a few minutes browsing around his website (it contains some great overviews and resources of each of his books).

Tony is the Chief Strategic Officer and founder of He’s a consultant, leadership coach and writer who helps churches get unstuck and have a bigger impact. More important, he has a passion for people. He’s all about helping people meet Jesus and take steps in their faith.

Erich’s note: As you browse around Tony’s site you’ll find lots of helpful articles and resources (several are free). Make sure you check out The Leisure Suit Series.

  • Auxano (We Navigate Leaders Through Growth Challenges with Vision Clarity) — Will Mancini

Auxano is the only non-profit, full-service consulting group for local churches and ministry leaders. We start by guiding effective teams through a Godward and collaborative clarity process called the Vision Pathway. Clarity isn’t everything but it changes everything.

Erich’s note: Will Mancini has written a great book called Church Unique (check it out). You can download a really neat visual summary of that book here.

Your turn… What other groups to you know of who focus on helping organizations get healthier?



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