Three GREAT Series by Rick Atchley

Today’s post is in honor of Rick Atchley, the Preaching Minister at The Hills Church where I work, because today is his birthday and he really is a great guy. During the past 3 years he has preached 3 series with an emphasis on GREAT (you can purchase the first 2 here and follow along with the 3rd one for free right now):

This series of lessons was preached during the Greater Things Capital Campaign for The Hills Church. The emphasis of the series is not on raising funds, but raising faith. The aim is not to produce bigger donors, but better disciples.

You can do nothing greater than determining what your greater than is.  This series explores God’s claim to be our perfect greater than.   It will examine the blessings of knowing God as greater than, and also the problems of living life with a shrunken God.

Every great theme in the Bible is found in Romans 8: sin, judgment, law, the Spirit, righteousness, death, resurrection, creation, transformation, prayer, hope and glory. This chapter ends declaring that nothing can separate us from God’s love; but, “no separation” is only a reality if “no condemnation” is a possibility.

Erich’s note: You can find daily devotionals and small group resources on the GREATNESS page.

Your turn… What are some other series by Rick Atchley that you’ve enjoyed?

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3 responses to “Three GREAT Series by Rick Atchley

  1. Caleb Archer

    I’m a big fan of [Who’s Your 1]. Four weeks of the purest form of evangelism.

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