Three Controversial Articles

At least once a week I take a look at the articles on CNN’s Belief Blog. Here are 3 controversial ones I came across recently:

Update: here is the link to the original article from Dave Ramsey’s website that is referenced in the article above, 20 Things the Rich Do Everyday — it includes a response by Dave Ramsey to clear up any confusion caused by the original article (good commentary by Ramsey).

You’re turn… What other “controversial” articles have you read lately? What are your thoughts on these?



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3 responses to “Three Controversial Articles

  1. I had read the original “list”, Dave Ramsey’s response, and just read this article. Interested to hear your thoughts Erich, but I think it’s enlightening to see how just by posting or retweeting something on social media, the statements you “repost” or “retweet” can be misinterpreted as your own.

    I thought the original list was a good reminder of how small, seemingly insignificant daily choices can lead you down a bigger path – towards success or away from it.

    I don’t see Ramsey as a prosperity gospel proponent. I read him as a believer in hard work, self-sacrifice, and selfless giving. I read him as someone who believes those small, seemingly insignificant daily choices are the most important ones.

    • Craig, I’m in agreement with you. I decided to go back and update my post to include a note about the original article. I’m a big fan of Ramsey. My post today was to simply share 3 articles that have generated some controversy. No doubt, today’s technology makes it easier for folks to be misunderstand. I think we have too much over-reacting from people. I respect both Ramsey and Rachel Held Evans and imagine if they were in the same room they would find much to agree upon (context means a lot and it is not always captured in tweets/articles. Thanks, as always, for taking time to drop by and comment. See you later this week.

  2. It always amazes me when 2 people with the same basic objective focus on all their differences instead of the things they agree upon. See you Wednesday!

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