Three Books by Richard Swenson

These books by Richard Swenson will help you create margin, find balance, and discover the secret to true and lasting contentment:

“Life in modern day America is essentially devoid of time and space. Not the Star Trek kind. The sanity kind. Chronic overloading is the culprit: margin is the cure. This newly revised 2004 update of the original best-seller explains what margin is, why it is important, how it disappeared, and steps to get it back. Margin is the space between our load and our limits and is related to our reserves and resilience. It is a buffer, a leeway, a gap; the place we go to heal, to relate, to reflect, to recharge our batteries, to focus on the things that matter most. Margin offers seventy-five practical prescriptions for restoring margin in the essential areas of emotional energy, physical energy, time, and finances. Margin restores what culture has taken away: time to listen, strength to care, space to love.”

“Most of us live lives of “quiet desperation,” as Henry David Thoreau put it, except we’re no longer so quiet about it. When exactly did “all stress, all the time” replace the “green pastures and still waters”? And what can we do about it? We try to manage all the details thrown our way, but we lack a sense of calm and steadiness at the center. Richard A. Swenson, MD, author of the best-selling book Margin, helps us understand the dangers of living in a post-balance world and gives us hope for recovering a foundational sense of equilibrium.  Dr. Swenson offers not only important organizing principles for making sense of our lives but also scores of practical Rx’s for recovering our balance. Having worked out his principles as a physician, author, and speaker, Dr. Swenson gives advice that is grounded in the daily realities we all experience. But his wisdom has been honed by the big-picture perspective of an exhaustive study of the stresses of modern life and progress, the forces that relentlessly give us ‘more and more of everything faster and faster.’”

“Living in today’s culture, it’s easy to forget that contentment is one of the greatest privileges of the Christian faith. Approaching the subject from a historical and biblical perspective, Swenson takes you on a journey where you’ll discover that true contentment is the gateway to joy, freedom, godliness, rest, grace, simplicity, generosity, and more.”

Your turn… If you’ve read these books take a moment to share your thoughts. What are some other books that  focus on these topics?


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