Three Problems Preventing Us from Living with a Sacred Rhythm

We were created to live with a “Sacred Rhythm” that goes all the way back to how God made the world. The created order of life was designed with a certain rhythm in mind (day & night, work & rest, six & one). Here are 3 problems that often prevent us from living in flow with the sacred rhythms of life:

  • The Distracted Life: Sometimes we are so distracted by what we just did (our past) or the things we need to do (our future) that we fail to be fully present in the moment.
  • The Hurried Life: Most of us struggle with what John Ortberg calls the “disease of hurry sickness.” We live very hurried lives…and hurry can keep us from living well (hurry has to do with the state of our souls–it is a disordered heart).
  • The Divided Life: It is the failure to make an ultimate commitment to what Jesus spoke of as “seeking first the kingdom of God.” The Danish Philosopher and Theologian, Soren Kierkegaard, refers to this as “Double-mindedness” (a life of divided loyalties).

Erich’s note: in the next 3 posts I’ll offer a solution and at least 3 tips for each of these problems.

Your turn… Take a moment to share how these problems sometimes get you out of the sacred rhythm you were meant to live with.


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4 responses to “Three Problems Preventing Us from Living with a Sacred Rhythm

  1. Rhonda Houk

    Thanks for the post Erich. I look forward to reading your tips on how to overcome my rhythmic challenges!!

  2. I love the title Sacred Rhythms. For me, (just for me-I would not put this on others) the practice of the Jewish Shabbat as Yeshua and the Apostles practiced it, along with the sacred days and times in their calendar, have put a new light on what resting means. You cannot celebrate Shabbat by accident- you have to PLAN for all your work and preparation to be finished by Friday evening. That takes intentional learning and practice, but OH! the rewards are VERY HIGH!.

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