Three FRAMES You Should Read First

Last week I mentioned the new series of books produced by the Barna Group called FRAMES. I’m loving them (very well done). In my opinion, here are the 3 you should read first:

“We live in an age of accelerated information and information overload. The rate at which we receive information—and the way we receive it—have changed dramatically: from newspapers and radio and a few nightly news programs to constant news online. And when we try to stop consuming the vast amounts of info coming at us, we wrestle against a paranoia of missing important information or being out of the loop. We are making our lives available to the world through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. But while we have more “friends” than ever, we feel that we’re lacking real connections. Our devices can either help relationships grow or get in the way of honest relationships. We need to become better stewards of technology and information, regularly taking rests and a Sabbath from them. It’s time to become “factivists,” using data and knowledge with effectiveness and purpose.”

“Job moves. Restructures. A waning passion. Boredom. A need to create. Retirement. A new ‘norm’ for length at any job. All of these, and more, lead us to wonder about the legacy we are leaving this world. Are we leaving it better than we found it? Do we feel stuck in a passionless career? At every stage of your journey, you can find work that matters. Whether you have a handful of careers in your lifetime or a handful of careers this month, this ‘new normal’ of multiple careers frees us to go where God calls us to go and to do what God calls us to do.”

“‘Why should I invest myself in something I’m not sure does any good?’ Many people today are asking this question about the church. Maybe you’re asking it, too. Of course, this isn’t where it all started. The early church was a powerhouse of communal love, self-giving, and service. So how do we rediscover these sacred roots? How do we recover the purpose of the church in all its beauty? And how do we understand that purpose for our time and place? Sacred Roots offers four personal and communal shifts critical to being the kind of church that transforms people—and renews the world.”

Your turn… Have you read any of the FRAMES yet? If so, which ones are your favorites? What thoughts do you have about them?


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