Three Recent Articles by Donald Miller

I’ve been a big fan of Donald Miller since I first read Blue Like Jazz several years ago (most of his recent work focuses on helping people live a better story with their life — see StoryLine for more details). I’ve read the rest of his books too and have learned a lot and been convicted, challenged, and encouraged by his writings — you can learn more about all of his books here (I’ll do another blog later highlighting his books but for now let me say that Searching For God Knows What and A Million Miles in a Thousand Years are two of my favorites).

The reason for today’s post is to point you to 3 of his recent posts that have generated lots of conversations and follow up posts in the past week or so (maybe you’ve read some of those). I thought you might enjoy taking a look at those 3 (in order):

Your turn… What are some of your thoughts on these articles? What are some other posts you’ve read as part of this conversation?



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