Three Ways to Overcome Idols

Recently our Men’s Class did a study that focused on the deep idols that control our lives, 33 The Series, Volume 3: A Man and His Traps. In it we were reminded that we all struggle with idols that compete for our attention and try to destroy our souls. An idol is anything that competes with God for your heart’s affection. One of the sessions provided us with a Battle Plan for overcoming the idols we face. Here is a brief summary of the 3 things this Battle Plan focuses on:

#1 Admit the Struggle

  • Admit your struggle (your idol) to yourself and to God.
  • Get an accurate picture of where you really are and what you are really struggling with.
  • Be ruthlessly honest about your struggles with one or more trustworthy men (don’t hold back)
  • Remove your mask with trustworthy teammates and begin moving toward God’s grace.

#2 Identify the Lie

  • Go below the surface and identify the lie that is seducing you.
  • Remember that all idols over-promise and under-deliver.

#3 Replace with the Truth

  • Replace your idols with something better (God’s truth)
  • Embrace God’s grace (not only for forgiveness but for providing you strength to move forward)
  • Follow Jesus’ example in the wilderness (see Matthew 4) by replacing the lies you are believing with the truth offered in God’s Word.
  • Transformation begins with the renewing of your mind, by filling your mind with the truth of God’s Word (so, get in and stay in God’s Word).

Your turn… What next step do you need to take to overcome the idols in your life?

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