Three Ways We Lose When We Don’t Connect with Others by Jim Martin

I recently came across a powerful post by Jim Martin focusing on the problem we often have when we fail to be fully present. Here is an excerpt from that post (you really should follow his blog here):

What do we lose when we are not fully present?

1.  We lose the opportunity to engage fully in the life we have right now.  Far too often we are waiting for “real life” to finally happen.  Consequently, we don’t give our full attention to our marriages, our children, our friends, or to our church.  We stand by passively waiting for life to come to us.

2.  We lose the opportunity to drink deeply of the life of Jesus.  After all, in Christ, we really do have the capacity to experience a full life regardless of the circumstances.  Yet, for many that capacity is never realized and experienced.

3.  We lose the opportunity to fully connect with others.  It may be tempting to hold back from relationships when you don’t believe you are really experiencing life.  I have known people who moved into a city for a job or to do graduate work at a university.  Some of these people neglected to connect with a congregation or with others because they thought they would be moving in a few years anyway.  Yet, what rich life experiences they missed while waiting for “someday.”

Life is not the past, when things seemed so much better than now.

Life is not the future, what I am waiting for when everything finally comes together.

Life is what you have right now!

By the grace of God, we have all we need through Jesus to be fully present each day.

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Your turn… What are your thoughts on this article? Do you struggle with being fully present?


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