Three Traits of a Great Leader

Jeff Goins, a popular writer and blogger, recently shared a good article called What Does a Great Leader Look Like? In this article he shares 3 lessons he learned from a mentor of his, Seth Barnes. Here is an excerpt of the 3 traits he mentioned:

1. Great leaders share their time

Remarkable influencers give their time and talent, almost recklessly, away. Seth’s philosophy of this was simple: keep showing up in people’s lives, and eventually you will win them over. Leadership isn’t about charisma or any special personality traits; it’s just about showing up.

2. Great leaders share what they know

Leadership is not only about sharing your time. It also requires opening up about your past, giving insight into processes that otherwise could only be learned through experience. This is difficult, because it requires a certain amount of humility and vulnerability. You have to be willing to “go there,” talking about your failures and the things you could’ve done better.

3. Great leaders share their power

It’s not enough to share your time and knowledge. To give away wisdom without providing the context to apply it is not leadership. It’s advising. And there’s great value to being an advisor; it’s just not all a leader does. Great leaders understand the law of legacy, that on their own they can only be so good. They know what makes them great is not them, but what they leave behind.So what determines the success of a leader is their ability to invest in others and multiply themselves.

Jeff goes on to share three simple things you can do as a leader to put these principles in practice:

  1. Notice something special in someone else (or just plain notice them as a person).
  2. Affirm gifts and talents as you see them develop.
  3. Empower and entrust others, giving them opportunity to fail, learn, and eventually succeed.

Your turn… What are some other great traits you see in leaders? What next step do you need to take?

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