Three Amazing Things About Grace via @PsRobertMorris


Robert Morris began a new series at Gateway Church this past weekend called Amazing Grace. His definition highlights 3 amazing things… Grace is the unmerited, undeserved, unearned kindness and favor of God:

  • Unmerited
    “Ephesians 2:8–9 says we are saved by grace through faith. Grace is the unmerited gift of God, so none of us should boast.”
  • Undeserved
    “Romans 3:24 explains that we are justified freely by grace through redemption in Christ Jesus. The Father provided the benefit of grace, which we can receive through Jesus.”
  • Unearned
    “Grace is a free gift. Works are earned. According to Romans 11:6, we can’t earn grace. Jesus dying for our sins is grace. It divinely enables us to have a life of righteousness in Christ.”

Your turn… Take a listen to this message and share your thoughts about grace here?


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