Three Principles from Rob Bell’s eCourse | Lesson 1, Part 1

Recently I decided to take an online eCourse with one of my favorite communicator’s, Rob BellFYI: I’m about half way through it at the moment. Disclaimer: Some people discount everything Rob says because they don’t agree with some things he says. I’m not one of those people.

Here is an overview of the eCourse I am going through called Rob Bell’s Practical Guide to Finding Joy and Meaning In Everyday Life:

“In our busy lives, it’s easy to let the small moments of joy pass us by, to always be looking ahead, looking back, looking over our shoulders. In fact, those small moments of joy are the foundation of wholeness, fulfillment, and growth.”

Course Description: Through humor, big ideas, and practical everyday activities, pastor and author Rob Bell invites students on an eCourse journey to joy and meaning in our everyday lives. How do we shift perspectives…change our understanding of ourselves as spiritual beings and re-define what is truly important to us? With practical tools, tips and spirit-awakening work, Rob leads students to experience life as a gift. As a lifelong student of the heart, Rob guides students to mastery of a new, profound and rewarding life path. This six-lesson eCourse is offered on demand. You will be able to stream all of Rob’s teaching videos and access the online course materials at anytime. So take the course at your own pace and return to the materials throughout your journey toward finding joy and meaning in everyday life!

Erich’s note: I realize many of you will probably never take this eCourse. So, for the next several posts I’m going to simply provide an overview of the main point of each lesson and share 3 images that contain some powerful principles to reflect on (future posts will be shorter, just wanted to provide the complete overview and context in this initial post).

So, here are 3 powerful principles from lesson 1, Unwrapping the Gift of Life:


Your turn… Spend some time reflecting on these thoughts as you go through this day. What resonates with you the most?



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2 responses to “Three Principles from Rob Bell’s eCourse | Lesson 1, Part 1

  1. Just watched the preview, interested for sure, just wondering if his basis is still God centered or is this teaching Osteen-ised? Your feedback and blog posts to follow will help for sure.

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