Three Touchstones of Prayer by Timothy Keller, Part 1: What It Is

I’m currently reading the latest book by Timothy Keller, Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God. It’s a another must read from Keller. Chapter nine focuses on The Touchstones of Prayer. Keller notes they are “not a set of  rules that merit or trigger God’s response in some magical or mechanical way. Rather, they are twelve touchstones by which we can judge the relative strength or weakness of our prayers for honoring and connecting us to God.” He has grouped them into four clusters of three each. The next four posts, beginning with this one, will provide on overview of these touchstones of prayer.

Part 1, What It Is:

  • Work: Prayer is a duty and a discipline.
    “Prayer should be done regularly, persistently, resolutely, and tenaciously at least daily, whether we feel like it or not.”
  • Word: Prayer is conversing with God.
    “To ‘walk with someone’ in the Bible is to have a friendship, because people talk as the walk together.”
  • Balance: Prayer is adoration, confession, thanks, and supplication.
    “All these ways of praying to God should be present, interactive, and balanced when we pray.”

Your turn… Which one of these  resonates with you the most today?

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