Three Resources by @JonWeece

Jon Weece is the Lead Follower at Southland Christian Church in Lexington, KY. I’ve been listening to his podcast for a few years and got to know him earlier this year when he spoke at our annual MENS CONFERENCE at The Hills Church. You should check out this recent sermon series along with his first 2 books:

  • ASAP
    The pressure to keep up with the Jones’ is real. And with Thanksgiving and Christmas fast approaching, it seems like a wise practice to slow down, assess our priorities, and commit to a pace of life that is balanced.
  • Jesus Prom
    Nouns need verbs, a requirement that’s more than just a grammatical truth; it’s a spiritual truth. The noun Christian and the noun church require action verbs to fulfill their purpose. That’s why Jesus invites Christians and churches everywhere to perform the greatest action of all: loving people.
  • Me Too
    Your life is filled with pressure and pain and heartache and disappointment. So was His. If you’ve ever tried to pick up the shattered pieces of your life and put them back together again without help, you know it’s an impossible task. When you lose your job, when divorce divides your family, when a loved one commits suicide, or when cancer claims a friend, it’s easy to lose perspective and abandon hope. God doesn’t enjoy your suffering. But he does understand it—and he knows exactly how to fix it. That’s what Me Too is all about: A God who turned the ugliness of the cross into a spectacle of eternal beauty. An all-powerful Lord who will do the same with the pain of this world. An eternal Father who specializes in wiping away tears and putting you back together again. If you’ll allow him.

Your turn… Share these resources with your friends.


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