Three Resources Every Man Should Go Through via @33TheSeries

If you’re not familiar with the 33 The Series resources by Authentic Manhood you should check them out. They provide the best resources for men I’ve seen anywhere. I shared the first 3 volumes here. Take a look at volumes 4-6 (fyi: if you have a subscription with Right Now Media you can find them there too — make sure you buy a Training Guide).

  • Volume 4: A Man and His Work
    Work and career play a major role in the life of every man. This volume of 33 The Series begins by recognizing the obstacles and tensions that men can experience in their work-lives and then unfolds a process that helps men move beyond the conventional perspective of work that can lead to dead ends and frustration. It leads them to a bigger, biblical vision of work that goes back to God’s original intentions.
  • Volume 5: A Man and His Marriage
    There are many important relationships in a man’s life, and none deserve more care, focus, and investment than his relationship with his wife. A Man’s marriage is meant to be and can be an incredible source of energy, joy, and intimacy. Whether your marriage feels hopeless and numb or is thriving and exciting, this volume of 33 The Series is for you because it looks at what God says about the whole thing. It lays out an inspiring picture of God’s vision for marriage that will change everything if you’re “stuck” and will encourage you if you’re already thriving.
  • Volume 6: A Man and His Fatherhood
    Being a dad is one of the most important and influential roles a man could ever play in his life. But being a good dad doesn’t always come naturally. That’s what this volume of 33 The Series is all about … setting you up to win as a dad. All six sessions are designed to help dads think strategically about how they play out their important role. It equips you with insights that will help guide you through key decisions and the great challenges of being dad.

Your turn… What other resources for men have you found helpful?



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2 responses to “Three Resources Every Man Should Go Through via @33TheSeries

  1. Thanks for sharing. These resources have been instrumental in helping men everywhere not only see and understand what’s going on inside them as men, but also offer practical application that help them form a game plan to become the man they were made to be. Great stuff, keep it up!

  2. Thanks, Phil! I agree. They have been the best resources I’ve ever used with men. Thanks for taking the time to comment and encourage.

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