Three Practical Suggestions to Overcoming The Hurried Life

The big question for today is this: Is the rhythm of your life sustainable?Most of us live hurried lives and hurry can keep us from living well. In fact, hurry can destroy our souls. One futurist puts it like this, “We’re hyper living–skimming along on the surface of life.” Does that sound like the pace of your life sometime? The truth is we all probably need to follow the advice that Dallas Willard once gave John Ortberg when he was about to make a big move, “You must ruthlessly eliminate hurry in your life.”

John Ortberg provides a quiz that will help you discover whether or not you have the “Disease of Hurry Sickness” (see his book, The Life You’ve Always Wanted, for more thoughts on this topic and more).

  1. Do you live with a daily sense that there is not enough time to get done with everything you need to accomplish?
  2. Do you find yourself talking faster because there is so much to say?
  3. Do you nod a lot when a person is talking slowly in an effort to keep them moving along?
  4. When people are talking too slowly, do you ever find yourself wanting to (or actually) finishing their sentences?
  5. When you stop at a red light with two or more lanes with cars in them, do you ever try to anticipate which car looks faster so you can get behind that car and save a few seconds when the light turns green?
  6. Do you ever try to gauge which line at the grocery store will be the quickest and get in that line?  And, if it turns out you picked the slower line, does it bother you?

THE PROBLEM: Hurry Sickness (we live with a pace of life that is out of rhythm).
THE SOLUTION: SLOW DOWN! In Psalm 46:10, God puts it like this, “Be still and know that I am God”.
THE BOTTOM LINE IS THIS: Your life moves to a better place when you move at a sustainable pace.

So, here are 3 practical suggestions to help you overcome The Hurried Life:

  1. Take a day off on a regular basis (observe a Sabbath day and keep it holy).
  2. Let someone else go first (get in the longest line at the grocery store or at the traffic light… drive in the slow lane).
  3. Eat your food slowly and sit longer at the table (enjoy unhurried time with family and friends).

Your turn… What are some other suggestions to help others overcome The Hurried Life?

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