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On Easter Weekend, Rick Atchley at The Hills Church, began a 6 week series called The Point of Impact. You can watch the messages and find resources to extend the impact of each message (daily devotionals and discussion questions) by visiting this page. Week 2 focuses on The Impact of Mercy by looking at the encounter Matthew had with Jesus in Matthew 9:9-13. This lesson highlights 3 things MERCY IMPACTS:

  • The way we hear scripture.

You are reading the Bible wrong anytime you come up with an interpretation that writes some people out of the story. Do not miss the significance of Jesus challenging religious leaders to go reread their Bibles. It is possible to be an expert in scripture and a dunce in the Word.

  • The way we see people.

We tend to view people based more on how we are different rather than how we are alike. Mercy calls us to realize “there is no difference” because nobody is that good; we are all sick and in need of mercy. So, don’t get offended by hypocrites at church, because sick people are supposed to be in a hospital. If there are no sinners in our church we need to shut the thing down. Be careful of being critical of the critical because “everyone needs compassion, a love that’s never failing.”  We need mercy too.

  • The way we follow Jesus.

Not everyone will like being like Christ. But when you’ve been impacted by mercy you change whether others like it or not. We read this story and ask, “What did Jesus see in Matthew?” We should also ask, “What did Matthew see in Jesus?” Matthew saw someone who understood “despised and rejected.” He saw someone that cared more about the future than the past. He saw someone who was willing to be the solution instead of gripe about the problem. A man like that is worth following.

Erich’s note: you can find the Daily Devotionals and Discussion Questions for this lesson here, The Impact of Mercy.

Your turn… What impact has mercy had on your life?


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